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Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wild Feature Slots

Stacked Wilds

At King Jack Casino, it is a trend to go bountiful on the riches since only Kings play here. Same goes for the symbols, especially Wild Symbols! Feel like a royalty by embracing the incredible slot games featuring Stacked Wilds but what is a Stacked Wilds?

Rest assured, it is something unique and fun at King Jack Casino. Wilds or Wild Symbols are usually bonus symbols that can substitute into any other symbol of the game to form a winning combination. Appearing as one symbol on the reels, they are normally one of the highest paying symbols.

Stacked Symbols are nearly similar. The only difference is that they fill the column or make other wilds appear adjacent to them. Such a feature allows greater chances of forming new winning combinations or amplifying existent ones.

Some slot games include Stacked Wilds during a bonus round and others appear during the main games as well. Watch out since you may have an explosion of winnings when you spot stacked wilds on your reels. With some exceptional payouts or bonus rewards involving the bonus symbol in some slots, stacked wilds have earned a rightful place as a category at King Jack Casino.

Games Featuring Stacked Wild Symbols

At King Jack Casino, over 15 games feature Stacked Wilds in their gameplay. Not only are these slot games packed with the lovely symbols but they also involve diverse themes and elements to bring you on an exotic voyage around the world. Outstanding visuals and soundtracks are here to tease your senses with some delightful items.

Explore the reels of the game that inspires from Greek Mythology; Mighty Zeus Slot. Why not turn back time to the good old days where fairy tales were key to our bedtimes? Through exciting slots like Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood Slot and Fairytale Legends Hansel and Gretel Slot, you may make it happen!

Acquainted with the movie; Planet of the Apes? Fancy a spin or two on its slot version available at King Jack Casino only. Oh yes, all these slot games include Stacked Wilds to bring the cheer on your face each time the reels undergo a spin!

Software Providers

All these slot games were not created by some wizard but by professional experts. Brilliant are the minds behind the creation of such marvels. IGT, Netent, Play N Go, Novomatic amongst others carefully considered your preferences while setting up these slot games. Ready to bring some names in your favourite game providers list? Why not start by trying some of their constructs at King Jack Casino?

Stacked Wilds’ Games on Mobile

Indeed, there is no such place for entertainment while playing at King Jack Casino. Since the brand-new casino supports the Responsive Adaptive Display, you may access the extensive library of slots with just a few taps and touches.

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