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Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest

The magical and fabled city of Eura is in peril! Once a gorgeous town floating above the clouds, the sanctity of the premises has now been disrupted by a being of pure evil! It is now upon the heroes to defend the city from the malicious sorceries of the Shadow Wizard. Join the Crimson Warrior and Emerald Rogue on Cloud Quest Slot as they battle the malefic monsters of magic!

Cloud Quest Slot exhibits captivating visuals and charming sounds for a totally immersive gameplay. A release by Play’n Go, you might be joining the zeal of defending the virtual city but will end up having a wave of pure entertainment. With a fantasy-like scenario set in place, Cloud Quest Slot is packed with theme-oriented symbols and features. Ready to hop into the action?

Special Features Of Cloud Quest Slot

Wild Symbol: On Cloud Quest Slot, the Golden Eagle Emblem Symbol stands for the Wild Symbol. This unique and appealing symbol has the ability to substitute for any other symbol of the game to form a winning combination. In addition, whenever you obtain a combination of three standard symbols as a win, the middle symbol will turn into a wild.

Power Stones Feature: Landing three, four or five Power Stone symbols will fill up the meter next to the reels accordingly. In the event the pointer stops on one of the filled-up section of the meter, you are awarded a re-spin plus one of the following special powers;

Scatter Of Success - Awards extra Scatter symbols for extra wins.

Mark Of Multitude - Some additional wild symbols will start appearing on the reels.

Emblem Of Endurance - Some Wild Symbols start to appear as Sticky Wilds and remain in their position throughout the feature.

Five Of Fortune - Rewards a 5x Multiplier.

Free Spins Feature: Whenever the reels undergo a spin, you may have a bonus row to play. In the event you successfully clear out the symbols on the bonus row, you trigger the Free Spins Feature. You will be awarded 20 Free Spins. The Feature is played on a different set of reels with three reels and one pay line. Clearing all the 25 symbols of the Free Spins Feature will bring you a special prize.


Cloud Quest Slot is a fantasy-themed video slot game. It consists of 5 reels and 10 pay lines. If you are a keen admirer of superheroes and fictitious worlds, then this slot game is ideal for you. In fact, anyone can play Cloud Quest Slot since the entertaining features are always a plus. You will encounter symbols like Green Potion, Spell Book, Locked Daggers, Crimson Warrior, Emerald Rogue, Shield, Crescent Sceptre and Shadow Wizard.

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How To Play Cloud Quest Slot

To play Cloud Quest Slot, you will need to log in to your King Jack Casino account. Once it is done, simply load the game and you will be brought face to face with the marvel of entertainment. Choose your stake value to begin your gameplay on Cloud Quest Slot. Coin sizes range from £0.01 to £100. By toggling the plus and minus buttons, you may navigate through the values and set the ones you deem fine.

All paylines of Cloud Quest Slot remain active throughout the course of the game. As such, there are no options to change the number of active paylines.


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For those looking for the perfect slot game, Cloud Quest Slot is a must try. Who knows, if this slot game is perfect for your preferences, you might enter it in your personal favourite list.  Ready to start your heroic adventure? Eura… Here they come!

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