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Animals And Nature

Animals and Nature Slots

Animals And Nature Slots

Animals and Nature Slots- Into the Wild!

At King Jack Casino, there’s a huge collection of slot games, which is always available for gamers to enjoy. Amongst many categories of themed slots, one of the most appreciated is Animals and Nature slots! After all, these type of slot games lets the minds of punters wander into greeneries and cuddle up with all sorts of animals- it’s simply an amazing world where nature prevails! Ready to discover various types of plants and flowers and the cutest and wildest animals? Deep into the jungles, here we go!

Animal Themed Slots

Everybody loves some sort of animal, whether it’s the friendly little dog or the ferocious wild lion! Cute kitties, jumpy kangaroos, affectionate dogs or hissing snakes – every animal has something we can’t help but be fascinated about. Given that animals can be so easily recognised and loved, it is not hard to understand why they feature more and more on online slots nowadays! Whether it’s just about one animal or a whole zoo of them, the animal kingdom has its rightful place in the online slots’ world. Sometimes, these little creatures are part of slot games and other times, they are simply the highlight! At King Jack Casino, you will find a variety of animal themed slots which have been carefully handpicked to please the taste buds of many! Ready to visit the animal kingdom at King Jack Casino? Let’s take a tour!

The Untamed!

Visit the majestic and feral animals in their natural habitat by playing animal themed slots which features untamed animals! Some of the many games available at King Jack Casino are themed on feral animals which humans love to see, but cannot pet! If you’re brave enough, you can walk into the homes of these animals. . . and they can maybe be your friends! On Elephant King Slot, you can join the Safari trip which takes you straight to the elephant kingdom. Charge like a Rhino on Raging Rhino Slot and watch out as winnings land into the grass! Meet the majestic African animals on the reels of Stampede Progressive Slot, and team up with them! Be brave and align by the side of the king of the jungle on the reels of Wild Lion Slot! The Siberian cat awaits you in the tall and snowy mountains, and you can visit him by playing Thundercat Slot. Be cheeky and playful as you join hands with the friendly monkeys on the reels of Jungle Monkey Slot! Walk into the Indian jungles and find yourself with the friendliest wild animals by playing Jungle Spirit: Call of the Jungle Slot! Anytime you’re ready, you can enjoy these animals themed slots at King Jack Casino!

The Pets!

Oh cute and cuddly pets! There are some animals that are part of human families. . . you might have a little doggie or cute little kitten in your home! At King Jack Casino, you can find many more such animals which adorn the reels! These animals themed slots will make you grow even fonder of docile animals! Meet the cute cats on the reels of Kitty Payout slot and let them bring you some mousey winnings! The little hens have been kidnapped and they need your help - save them by rolling the reels of EggOMatic Slot. The cutest doggies have found a home on the reels of Puggy Payout Slot, you might want to befriend them! Watch the multitude of lights and admire the colourful butterflies by playing Butterfly Staxx Slot. Go back in time by playing Shaman’s Dream Slot and see how the Native American befriended eagles, bears and other wild animals!

Nature Themed Slots

Nature themed slots are perfect for when you want to chill and relax. The graphics are pleasing, soothing and enticing – nothing better to feel at peace than watching the green leaves, flowing water and perfect natural harmony. These types of slot games let you enjoy at your own pace, without an overflow of crazy animations, which can be comforting at times. Find such slot games at King Jack Casino and let yourself fall into the calmness of the backdrops of these nature themed slots.

Naturality at its best!

King Jack Casino brings the best nature themed slots where you can escape from reality! Find yourself into a mesmerising and wonderful garden by playing Secret Garden Slot. Team with the leprechauns and little fairies by rolling the reels of Lucky Leprechaun Slot, and wander into an Irish landscape! Lose yourself into the greeneries and let your eyes be pleased with the symbols as you play Enchanted Garden Slot. Dive into the underwaters and meet the mythical mermaid by playing Mermaid’s Treasure Slot. Relive one of the top fairy tales and enjoy the presence of the frog on Enchanted Prince Slot- you might have to kiss him to grab some of his fortunes! Fly amidst the cutest and tiniest fairies of an enchanted forest on the reels of Pixies of the Forest Slot!

The fairies, animals and lovely décors are all set- spin away anytime! You can register at King Jack Casino anytime you wish on either a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone. Make your deposits and start to enjoy the well-designed animals and nature themed slots! Don’t forget to catch up to 30 free spins from the cashier when you make your first deposit- the promo depends on your deposit amount!


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