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This game will bring back the good old days! Created by IGT, Tripoll is an awesome dice game. Consisting of 6 rows and 6 coloured arrows, Tripoll is played with three dice on an octagon shaped board and it can be enjoyed on mobile phone, tablet and desktop.

Special Features of Tripoll

Two Dice – As mentioned above, Tripoll is played with three tabs, but what if you are awarded with two dice? On this game, if the value of two tabs matches the total number on the arrows, you can receive double price. You will be awarded with triple prizes if the total values of all the three dice match the number of the selected arrows.

Non-Winning games – This feature awards you even if you have a minimum of two near – win experience. This game round is when the target figure is between 1 to 6. There are six types of target figures, such as:

A target of 3 or 18.
A target of 4, 5, 16 or 17.
A target of 6, 7, 14 or 15.
A target of 8 or 13.
A target of 9 or 12.
A target of 10 or 11.


A dice game has always been everyone’s favourite and it was invented in the era of Greek and Romans 5000 years ago. Made of bone, ivory, rock crystals, onyx and bronze, the dice was even used to predict future and the name of new-borns. The background of the game consists of a table covered with a beautiful green checked napkin with a notepad, pencil and hot coffee cup. The game is found in the centre of your screen and the options are found below the octagon dice table. It includes the bet button, autoplay button and the colourful arrows. The symbols include numbers.

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How to play Tripoll

To start your adventure on Tripoll, you can place a bet ranging from: £0.50, £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 to £10.00. You will find 6 rows with 6 coloured arrows. Once you have already selected your bet amount, choose one of the coloured arrows to reveal the cash prize and the number. Then, the dice cup will cover the dice and will start rolling the three dice. The total values of the dice should be equal to the number on the arrows. If it matches, you win a triple prize.


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Enjoy your free time with Tripoll perfectly created just for you by IGT.

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