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Fireworks pull tab

Fireworks pull tab

Another creation of Realistic Games has been added at King Jack Casino and it is Fireworks Pull Tab Game! Like the name suggests, this game is themed on fireworks which makes every celebration even more special. You can enjoy this game anytime on either a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone- play on the go or at the comfort of your home.


Fireworks are omni-present in every individual’s life. The use of firecrackers is universal; it is a display of joy or celebration everywhere. Realistic Games have used this theme on Fireworks Pull Tab Game and you will see it on the display itself. The symbols available on this game are FW Firecrackers, Purple Firecracker, Green Firecracker, Red Heart, White Diamond and Blue Diamond.

How to Play Fireworks Pull Tab Game

To begin the game, you should place your bet first. On the setting tab, you will see the Bet Field which lets you choose any stakes from £0.10 to £50.00. As for winning, the minimum pay-out is of £0.10 while the maximum is of £5,000. The prize amount changes according to your bet amount and you can check on it on the paytable.

On Fireworks Pull Tab Game, there’s also the autoplay option. By clicking on this option, you can choose from 10 to 100 games to be played automatically, without any required manual intervention.

Once you have placed your stake on Fireworks Pull Tab Game, the four available pull tabs will light up and the game will be activated. Then, you can either click on the pull tabs one by one, to reveal the three hidden symbols. You have to click on the tab and drag it from left to right, to open it. Otherwise, you can click on the Auto-Reveal Tab, to have all the tabs automatically pulled at once. The winnings you can get are from game are 100x, 50x, 25x, 5x, 2x or 1x for 3 FW Firecrackers, 3 Purple Firecracker, 3 Green Firecracker, 3 Red Hearts, 3 White Diamonds and 3 Blue Diamonds. You can also get 10x your bet if there’s a purple firecracker, a FW firecracker and a green firecracker on any of the pull tabs.

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Fireworks Pull Tab Game comes with four chances of winning each time a stake is placed. The game is worth a try as the maximum pay-out is massive and the good graphics are extremely pleasing as well. 

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