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Realistic Roulette

Realistic Roulette

Play Realistic Roulette, a single player 3D table game by Realistic Games. This game reunites all aspects of a round of roulette onto your screen. Enjoy this casino game on your mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Special Features of Realistic Roulette

Toggle 2D – 3D Mode: You can opt for a 2D or 3D view of the game at any time. By clicking onto the Green tab next to the Chip Values, you can set the camera view according to your preferences.

La Partage Rule: Realistic Roulette offers the La Partage Rule. If you obtain the number zero as the outcome of the round, all your even bets are paid back at half the stake you placed.

Traditional Roulette Bets: You can choose Straight Up Bets, Split Bets, Line Bets, Corner Bets, Red or Black Bets, Odds or Evens Bets, Column Bets and Dozens Bets during the gameplay of Realistic Roulette.


Realistic Roulette shares a nice ambience during its gameplay. With fancy backgrounds that brings you in the feel of a lounge and the traditional rules of roulette, relive the atmosphere by playing this game at any time!

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How To Play Realistic Roulette

Realistic Roulette shares the traditional rules of French Roulette. It features one zero number and 1 to 36 number pockets. At the beginning of each round, you are offered some seconds to choose your bets. Once you are ready to play the game, click the Play button to start the fun! A roulette ball will be hurled into the wheel. Once the spinning is over, the ball tumbles over the number pockets to land into one. The number that houses the ball is declared the winning number.

If you placed a wager on bets that included the winning number, you are awarded the wins based on the pay table.


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With its user-friendly interface plus graphics, anyone can have fun and explore the great gameplay of this table game. Realistic Roulette is available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices!

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