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Roulette Games at King Jack Casino

Nowadays, there are plenty of unique online casinos like Regal Wins, Lucky VIP and more offering players online roulette games to play. At King Jack Casino, it is no different. On this innovative site, you will find a collection of roulette games which will keep you engaged for hours. These inventive games are exclusively focused on the needs of a player, who mainly fancies roulette games. On top of that, you can use your smartphone, desktop or tablet to access these games anytime you wish. This unique site will provide you with top-notch graphics on all its games, best software, many deposit options, and an enriching gaming experience!

A bit of History?

To dig a little deeper about the history of Roulette, it is no secret that Roulette is all about statistics, house edges and odds. The Roulette wheel was actually created by a mathematician, inventor and a French physicist named ‘Blaise Pascal’. However, this genius was not trying to develop a casino game. It was back in 1655 that Blaise tried to design a perpetual motion machine. As per the laws of physics, this would be impossible. But given that Blaise was an inventor, he was trying to defy the odds. When his experiment flopped, the process gave birth to Roulette, which is now amongst the most admired casino games of all time.

The different versions of Roulette

Generally, there are different versions of Roulette Online game, such as American, French and European. The gameplay remains the same, with slight tweaks to the general design and layout to ensure it provides at least some elusive differences.

When launching the roulette game, you will be presented with a familiar interface. You will find the roulette wheel in the centre at the top, and its logo is shown on the top left-hand side. On the right, you will notice the hints concerning the cold and hot numbers of current games played. Furthermore, the table on which you can place your bet is in a grass-coloured green, which is found at the bottom. All the possible numbers that you can place your bet on are shown in black and red. On American Roulette, you will find 38 pockets which contain 0 and 00, and on European Roulette, you will find 37 pockets which range from 0 to 36.

Ready to play?

The several different bets in the game are similar to other roulette offerings, with options such as red or black, even and odd, and 1-18. During any session, you will be able to personalise your play as per your likings. At the bottom of your screen, you will find the buttons which can be clicked on to play. There are also various chips being displayed, which can be used to adjust your value. The minimum amount with which you can start playing is £1 and can increase up to a maximum of £500.

If during your game, you feel the need to check on the paytable, you can click on the ‘I’ button. This option is located on the left-hand side and will bring up the paytable as soon as you click on it. You will also come across other interesting buttons in the game.  There is a button that can be used to view the statistics, and another to show the game’s racetrack. Lastly, you will find a button next to this with a star on it. Clicking on this button will allow you to place the same bets as in the preceding round.

After having placed all your bets, you can simply press on the button set at the bottom right-hand side. This will eventually let the roulette ball off spinning round the wheel. The payouts for all your winnings are then added to your account, and this is the main idea while playing this amazing game. Also, you can access this roulette game at any time on King Jack Casino.

The highest payout you can earn on Roulette game is by getting a ‘Straight’ wager win. And this is followed by a ‘Split’ wager and a ‘Three Line’ bet win. At any time during your game, you can make use of the Hot numbers. This will help you view the numbers that have offered you more payouts in the previous rounds.

There is absolutely no debate on which is better, the French, American or European Roulette. This is because you won’t find many differences between them. On top of that, if you are a big fan of roulette in general, you can be sure to always find some high-quality graphics on display.

If you want a great playing experience, you can register at King Jack Casino. There are not only roulette games available on the site, but you will also be offered with a huge range of online slots for entertainment.


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