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Live Poker

Live Poker

Poker has been a popular casino game for years now. So much so that it would be inconceivable to have a casino not offering the game. Unknown to many, there are numerous variations of poker, with even newer ones being invented on a regular basis. Poker is widely played both at land-based and online casinos. One variant of poker which is ruling over the online gaming world at the moment is the Live Poker Game.

Live Poker games are not unknown to the online gambling community and it’s only growing in popularity and attracting more punters as time passes. Gamblers are charmed by this innovative technology which lets them have a real-like casino experience, without really being at a land-based casino. Also, players tend to prefer live poker games as it maximises on the trust factor- letting players see the cards being dealt by a live dealer.

Behind the Scenes

Live poker games are simple to play. The first step is to join a casino table of any live poker game. As you join the table, you will be facing a live stream of the live dealer in the process of distributing cards in real time. Each player is given cards by the dealer and the player sees his/her card through an RFID card reader – it projects the facedown cards on the player’s screen. The game continues with the dealer carrying the flop on the virtual table, which you will see on your display. When it comes to the betting, it is done just like with any normal table & card game – the integrated software applies the bets and awards the prizes to the winner, as per the results.

All About Live Poker

You don’t need any extra tech-equipment to play live poker games. The single thing you need is a good internet connection so that the live video is streamed with the best possible graphics. There are few online casinos which also offer webcam poker, and for these, you will need a webcam. On live poker games, you will also have the chat options which enables you to interact with the dealer and other players.

Live poker reconciles the convenience of playing online with the thrill of a live game.  Players can now fairly say that they are thrust at the centre of all the action.

The only noticeable hassle when playing live poker, as opposed to regular online poker, is the fact that the human dealers are slower than Random number generators. So, it is conceivable that your live poker games might take longer to play!

Another type of experience at King Jack Casino

King Jack Casino is about to bring on some of the best live poker games ever on its platform! However, at the moment, there are other types of live games which you can try. In addition, there are also other game categories apart from live games such as Slots, Table & Cards and arcade games to name a few.

If you fancy the thrill of live games, you could rock the live casino games from NetEnt such as Live Rocket Roulette, Live French Auto Roulette, Live Common Draw Blackjack or Live Roulette La Partage! With these top-notch games, you’re sure to enjoy your stay at King Jack Casino while waiting for the Live Poker games to make their entrance!


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