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Live Featured

Live Featured

King Jack Casino knows how much you are fond of table and card games. As such, you are presented with the finest and most popular table and card games of the market, all under one virtual roof. However, it would have been awesome to break free from the digitalised versions of these card games. Real players, real dealers, live interaction and much more! Are these a dream? Not anymore since at King Jack Casino, the Live Casino is now… live.

Live Games are a step in the future! You no longer have to wait for your friends to indulge in some rounds of popular card games as you can now just start the snap of cards within few taps and clicks!

The Technology Behind

Live Games is an innovative version of the classic table and card games. While you are seated on your fluffy couch or cosy chair, much more is going on behind the scenes!

A Live Dealer gets ready in his stark white tuxedo or her best crispy dress to present the table games. Seated amidst flashing lights, cameras and room information panel, the dealer sweeps his/her hand across the table to invite players to place their bets. They smile, inform, talk and greet as the gameplay proceeds. With such specificities and elements involved, it is only then that the Live Casino Games are born.

Live Card Games

Experience the most popular card games like Poker, Baccarat or Blackjack on their live versions as well. Simply log into your King Jack Casino account and access the category of Live Casino to open the list of Live Games available. Over 10 variations of these exotic card games are going sensational amongst players. Be sure to go for a round or two to experience realism, technology and the internet join hands to provide you with a one of a kind entertainment.

The Best Ones Spins The Wheel

At King Jack Casino, there is a rumour that Live Roulette is favoured by all players since the thrill of playing and the fun of visuals is really enthralling! Grab a fistful of chips and head to the Live Roulette room to find the most appealing and get the roulette wheel spin for you. Oh yes, was it mentioned that each time you will join the room, the dealer will greet you! After all, politeness is always appreciated.

Who reigns over the Live Rooms?

These Live Games did not sprout out of anywhere at King Jack Casino. They were created! Carefully crafted. To ensure that only entertainment and the best experiences are deduced from these games, King Jack Casino gathered only the hottest Software Providers’ delights to feature on the site. Providers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Immersive and are some of the great wizards responsible in the creation of these top Live Games at King Jack Casino.

Live Games on Mobile

Live Games at King Jack Casino are playable on tablet, smartphone and desktop as well. Thanks to the Responsive Adaptive Display, you can spread your table and snap some cards anywhere you go. Finally, you can have some entertainment alone, without some party crashers coming to spoil the fun!


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