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Live Roulette - Netent

Live Roulette - Netent

NetEnt brings you Live Roulette Game at King Jack Casino! Join the live dealer and other players for a good round of roulette. While playing, enjoy its excellent video quality and sounds. It follows the same rules as European Roulette, however with a different layout and betting options. The game consists of a game table and a wheel, with 37 pockets and a single 0. The design is user-friendly as everything you need for the game is displayed on the screen. Plus, enjoy a live atmosphere anywhere on your desktop or mobile device!

Special Features of Live Roulette Game

Neighbour Bets – Live Roulette comes with Neighbour Bets which enable you to place Numbers, Neighbours, Jeu Zero, Tiers, Orphelins and Voisins bets.

Inside Bets – The Inside Bets on this game are as follows:

        - Straight Bet: placed on a single number

        - Split Bet: placed on 2 adjoining numbers

        - Three Line or Street Bet: placed on a row of 3 numbers

        - Corner Bet: placed on 4 numbers

        - Six Line Bet: placed on 6 numbers and 2 rows of numbers, excluding 0

Outside Bets – The following Outside Bets are also available:

        - Column: a bet placed on 12 numbers

        - Dozen: a bet on 12 numbers

        - Red/Black: a red or black bet placed on 18 numbers, either all red or all black

        - Even/Odd: a bet on 18 Even or Odd numbers

        - 1-18/19-36: a bet on the first or last 18 numbers

Chat – Live Roulette also consists of a Chat option which lets you socialise with other players and the friendly dealer. The latter also helps you out when you have questions about the game rules. On the left-hand side of the screen, type in your message and press ‘Enter’ to send it.


Live Roulette makes you experience the same thrill felt at a land-based casino while turning a roulette wheel. All the options that are useful for your gameplay are displayed on the screen. Bet, Win and Balance are found on the left, while Hot and Cold is on the right along with the other players. To the left, you can chat with the dealer and players. The wheel is found in the centre while the betting options are right in front. The game table comes with a vibrant green colour. Immerse yourself into the vivid HD graphics!

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How to Play Live Roulette Game

Bet values on Live Roulette Game are: 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500. Select them by pressing the coloured chips. Adjust your bet with the following options: Undo last bet, Clear all bets or Rebet from previous round. Make use of the X2 button to view other players’ chips and save your favourite bet. Your aim is to predict the slot on which the ball will land when the wheel spins. Click on the “i” button to view the Pay-table. The payouts are as follows:

        - Straight – 35:1

        - Split – 17:1

        - Three Line (Street) – 11:1

        - Corner – 8:1

        - Six Line – 5:1

        - Column – 2:1

        - Dozen – 2:1

        - Red/Black, Even/Odd and 1-18/19-36 – 1:1


Sign up at King Jack Casino anytime and anywhere to enjoy Live Roulette Game. You will also be entitiled to claim interesting promotions throughout your journey.


Live Roulette Game is thrilling to play and the different types of bets add spice to the game. Make the most of it, only at King Jack Casino!



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