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Live French Roulette - Netent

Live French Roulette - Netent

Have you ever played French Roulette? It is a form of classic roulette which englobes call betting, special betting and favourite bets. The game consists of a wheel with 37 slots and numbers from 0 to 36. Your main objective is to predict the slot on which the ball will land. If you are right, you win! Get a taste of it on Live French Roulette at King Jack Casino! It is brought to you by NetEnt. Join the dealer and other players in a live environment. It consists of a wheel, a game table and a racetrack.

Special Features of Live French Roulette

Hot and Cold numbers – Hot numbers show up more frequently than Cold numbers which are less frequent.

Neighbour Bets –  Live French Roulette consists of the following Neighbours Bets:

        - Numbers and Neighbours – a bet on 5 numbers

        - Jeu Zero – a bet on a series of 7 numbers

        - Tiers – a bet on a series of 12 numbers

        - Orphelins – a bet on 2 series of 8 numbers

        - Voisins – a bet placed on a series of 17 numbers

Inside Bets – The Inside Bets are as follows:

        - Straight – a single number bet

        - Split – a bet on 2 adjoining numbers

        - Three Line or Street – a bet on a row of 3 numbers

        - Corner – a bet on an intersecting corner of 4 numbers

        - Six Line – a bet on 6 numbers

Outside Bets –  Outside Bets are also available on Live French Roulette and are as follows:

        - Column – a bet on 12 numbers

        - Dozen – a bet on 12 numbers

        - Red/Black – a bet on 18 numbers, either Black or Red

        - 1-18/19-36 – a bet on 18 numbers, either first or last


Discover a variant of roulette on Live French Roulette. It comes with a 37-slot wheel containing numbers from 0 to 36. It is a classic game played in a live environment. In the background, you can see the lovely maroon floor of a casino. A blue game table and a classic black roulette wheel are found in the centre of the screen. A live dealer can also be seen in vivid HD video details.

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How to Play Live French Roulette

Enjoy Live French Roulette with the following chip values: 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 or 1000. Click on the preferred chip and betting area on the table to place your bet. Make use of the different buttons to manage your gameplay. The friendly dealer invites you to place your bets at the start of each round. However, he/she announces that betting is closed once the timer reaches 0. The wheel spins and when the ball lands on a spot, the dealer announces the winning numbers. Make use of the Star button to save your favourite bets.


Join King Jack Casino to launch Live French Roulette and benefit from several promotion offers!


Live French Roulette reminds you of the classic roulette game, but with more options when it comes to betting. Make the most of its intuitive layout and features!

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