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Live Blackjack PRO - Netent

Live Blackjack PRO - Netent

Feel the unique atmosphere on Live Blackjack Pro Game at King Jack Casino. Revisit the classic card game with this NetEnt creation. During the game, you will notice its excellent graphics and sounds. Find a red game table around which there are different spots for players. You can also see a friendly dealer who is dealing the cards.

The image on Live Blackjack Pro Game is crisp, with a posh chair, statue and a potted plant in the background. It also comes with a dynamic billboard on which you can see the value of the hands of the last 10 games, including the percentage of Blackjacks and busted hands. As for the game features, they consist of common terms used in classic Blackjack.

Special Features of Live Blackjack Pro

Stand – If you wish to keep your current hand on Live Blackjack Pro Game, click on the Stand button.

Hit – Press the Hit button if you want to be dealt with another card.

Double – You can also double down with the Double button.

Split: The splitting of pairs is also possible on Live Blackjack Pro Game. When the split is done, 2 hands are automatically dealt.

Bust: A bust means that the value of a hand is more than 21. So, if the dealer busts, you can win and vice versa. Make sure you do not bust or surrender before the dealer!

Blackjack: A Blackjack occurs when the value of the first 2 cards dealt is equal or close to 21. It can also be won with an Insurance Bet, when the dealer busts or by having 21 or less.

Insurance Bet: It is a side bet treated independently of your main wager. This is available when the dealer’s card is an Ace. An Insurance Bet usually pays 2:1.


As its name suggests, Live Blackjack Pro Game is based on classic Blackjack, with the same rules. It comes with a modern touch as you enjoy it in a live atmosphere. Take a seat at the red Blackjack table and play in style in a posh environment! Find all the game statistics elegantly displayed on the dynamic billboard and use the Chat option to the left to interact with the dealer and other players., Enjoy an immersive gaming experience on this game.

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How to Play Live Blackjack Pro

The minimum bet value on Live Blackjack Pro is 200. When the cards are dealt, earn a hand value which is as close as 21. However, if it is more than 21, you bust. Your aim is to try and beat the dealer without busting. If the dealer gets a Blackjack, you lose unless you have an Insurance Bet. At the beginning of the game, 2 face down cards are dealt by the dealer, while he/she also receives 2 cards, but with one exposed so you can make your betting decision. Since the game has a time limit, play your hand quickly, otherwise it will automatically Stand. If you do not play for 3 consecutive hands, you can lose your position on the table. Are you ready for the fun?


Join King Jack Casino anytime and anywhere to enjoy Live Blackjack Pro Game while being eligible for different types of Promotions.


Live Blackjack Pro Game brings to you an authentic Blackjack in a posh live atmosphere. Meet the friendly dealer and other players for hours of fun!

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